Do you know of businesses or other public places that might want to declare themselves Fox-free zones? When a business tells the world “we refuse to play Fox,” it spreads awareness about how dangerous and divisive Fox is, and encourages other businesses to turn if off.

Below you can download instructions on how to ask a business to become a Fox-free zone, and a sign they can display in their window if they agree. Once you’ve gone through the steps, please let us know how it went using the form to the right.

There are other ways to help — if you know of a public place that plays Fox on their TV, click here. And please help spread the word and get others involved in the effort by clicking here.

Step-by-step instructions on how to approach a business and ask them to declare themselves "Fox-free".
A sign you can give to businesses to display in their window.
A flyer that explains how Fox uses distortions and misinformation to divide America, and why it's so dangerous.
Did you ask a business to declare themselves a Fox-free zone? Let us know how it went.

You can download the Fox-free Zone sign by clicking here.

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Agreed to become Fox-free zone, took a sign, but didn't put it up while I was there
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