We don’t have to let Fox’s attempts to stoke fear and hate shape our country’s politics and culture. It’s easy to turn off Fox News in our own homes — but when TVs in public places are tuned to Fox, that also spreads fear, division, and misinformation. Turn Off Fox is about ordinary people and small businesses working together to reduce Fox’s influence in their own communities and across the country.

Fox’s race-baiting and fear-mongering is more than just deceptive and offensive — it’s bad for the country, it’s dangerous, and it can result in violence. If we want a political culture rooted in factual information and free from violence and racial animosity, now is the time to stand up against Fox.

By organizing businesses and other public places to stop playing Fox News— the cable news network, not local affiliates — we will reduce Fox’s ability to poison our political conversations and divide our country. And we will send a powerful message: that this country will support media that informs us, sheds light on the problems we face, and inspires us to solve them together — not deceptive propaganda that plays on fear and paranoia, spreads confusion and falsehoods, exploits our divisions, and pits us against each other.

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